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Can anyone tell me around how much I can expect to cost me to have a plumber come and install a water line from under my sink to my fridge? It is not a difficult job so a "handyman" type of guy can do it for about half the cost of a plumber.

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The pipes are all copper and I'm pretty sure he will have to cut the cold to put in a tap for the line that will run to the fridge. The real trick here is routing the line from sink cabinet to fridge.

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I know it will vary but I'd like to know what to expect (ballpark). He will very likely put in a self-piercing "saddle valve" which requires no soldering. If it is a long way and other cabinets, it may be a real PITA.

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To avoid floods later on, insist that he run 1/4" copper tube, not plastic. If the fridge is over a basement with open ceiling, that may be a simpler route to take.Installing Automatic Ice Maker Ask the Builder

How much does it cost to hook up an ice maker:

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